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Honey can be posted in a glass or plastic pot, please specify when ordering

Make sure to store honey in a cool place, but not in the refrigerator. It should also be kept out of direct sunlight.

Clover Honey

About our clover honey

About our clover honey

Details  Clover floral honey is unique to New Zealand due to the variety of nectars it contains. The predominant flower the bees gather from to produce this honey is white clover, but a variety of other clover species are present, including red clover, subterranean, and alsike clover. Available as creamed or liquid.

250g Clover Honey

Price  $12.00includes shipping

500g Clover Honey

Price  $16.00includes shipping

1kg Clover Honey

Details  Due to glass shortage, 1kg are only available in plastic
Price  $26.00includes shipping

Manuka Honey

About Wai Ora Manuka Honey

About Wai Ora Manuka Honey

Details  Manuka honey is made using nectar from the manuka tree, a native tree of New Zealand. The Maori people used the manuka flower as a medicinal plant to treat various illnesses such as fevers and colds. Today manuka honey is used worldwide as an highly effective antibacterial substance. It has been proven to help ailments of the skin, mouth, and throat, and is used by many people to treat infections and wounds all over the body.

We offer two types of manuka honey:
Manuka NPA 10+  MGO 270
Manuka NPA 6+ MGO 115

Honeydew Honey

About Wai Ora Honeydew

About Wai Ora Honeydew

Details  Honeydew is a unique honey that can only be produced in the South Island of New Zealand from the native Beech Trees.
Our Raw Organic Honeydew is high in antioxidants and minerals making is a fantastic health food.
Unlike other honeys,honeydew does not crystallize meaning it will remain liquid and running making it perfect for drizzling over panakes, muesli in a marinade or as a sugar substitute in baking.

Raw Comb Honey

Raw Comb Honey

Details  Wai-Ora freshly cut comb honey is raw and delicious.
The most natural way to enjoy the sweet nectar our bees collect.
Our comb honey is a sweet and vibrant wildflower blend which is perfect for cheeseboards, platters, muesli and desserts. 
The chewy comb wax that encases the honey is safe and tasty to eat.
350g approx
Please note due to the natural process of raw comb honey collection each box will vary slightly in colour, taste and weight. 

Price  $28.00includes shipping